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Manufacturing and Production

How does the process work?

What is the process for getting a quote?  

First of all, it is important to note that there is no obligation required to register your project on iSubTech or to get a quote from iSubTech vendors and suppliers. 

Whether you are looking to manufacture small quantities or large volumes of your invention, isubTECH works with vendors who are registered and pre-screened to deliver what you need. 

We all know from experience that to manufacture a small production run, say 20 to a 100 units of your gadget, will require a different type of vendor than someone who requires 1,000-units.

Our manufacturing vendors and partners are based around the globe, in the US, India, China, Taiwan, and Korea. 

iSubTech can help match you and your project with the right manufacturer.

Register now and see how we can help you