Vacuum Casting

Many businesses need extra support when it comes to generating 2D and 3D CAD designs. We have been designing in 3D for over 17 years and are experts when it comes to designing to suit strict deadlines and at a high quality.

Whether it be that your company needs extra support for an overload of work or simply to create 3D designs from existing 2D drawings we can help. 2D CAD have been around much longer than 3D CAD and many companies have the need to convert all those drawings to 3D CAD models and build assemblies of those models.

The benefits of 3D CAD is that you can walk around the design which reduces the need to make prototypes. 3D CAD allows you to interact with your design in a way that mistakes are easily spotted and gives you the added benefit of running simulations on the design to test for stresses, strains and deforming based on loads.

Typically if an inventor wants to progress in getting a prototype or their product manufactured it is essential for them to have 3D CAD designs of their product, without these 3D designs the product cannot be produced. If the product has a few mating parts and specific tolerances we suggest getting 2D CAD designs generated. 2D CAD designs will highlight all the areas that need specific attention paid to them, for example hole positions, hold diameters and dimensions.