Product Development

Taking your ideas and inventions and turning them into a working product is what Invention Steps does best. Using the latest in 3D design software enables you to see your product develop one step at a time. Not only does our 3D design software allow us to virtually walk around the design, we can also manipulate the design to mimic stresses and strains that the product might be subjected to in its working environment. This allows us to further develop your product and ensure it is designed to perform as you intended.

Product Design Professionals

We are experienced product designers, industrial designers and qualified engineers with in depth working knowledge of all manufacturing processes. This means at the end of the design phase, your product will be ready for manufacturing, saving you time and money.

The key to a successful product design is taking an idea and knowing how to turn it into a product that is both practical and good enough to appear in front of consumers or inventors.

Invention Steps works with individuals and businesses around Australia even from as far as Europe and America. All invention Steps needs to get started is an initial meeting to discuss your ideas and then leave it all up to us. We can design based on your sketches and ideas and present you with your final product when we are finished.

Its important for inventors to remember that they key to a successful product design is to use a design professional. By using a professional you will get a product designed ready for manufacturing. To move on to manufacturing or even produce a prototype you need to have a 3D CAD design.

Our professional design