Product Design

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During design review and electronic product development, there are various critical considerations that need to be addressed. 

isubTECH specializes in helping entrepreneurs and inventors take their ideas and inventions, turn them into a working prototypes and prepare them for final product design and manufacturing. 

If you have an idea or project, a new electronic device or gadget, we can help guide you with "cradle to grave" product design, product development, and product manufacturing.

We can assist you with:

  1. Industrial Design
  2. Mechanical Design
  3. Hardware Design
  4. Software Design
  5. Cable Design 
  6. Schematic Capture
  7. Layout Design
  8. Blank PCB Fab
  9. Board Assembly
  10. Box Assembly
  11. Product and Regulatory Testing

The following diagram is a very good representation of the the entire process.