If you are here, you are no doubt either curious about this section, or are looking for that "next" opportunity that can bring you the returns you are looking for.

Microsoft Corporation, Wal-Mart Stores, The Home Depot - They, and thousands of ultra-successful companies like them all share a common trait. Not long ago, they were all small, modest companies - and now, they have all produced astronomical returns to the folks back home who believed in them and invested in them early on. 

At isubTECH, we are privileged to work with inventors and entrepreneurs who are pushing the barriers on technology. Some of these projects are also looking for initial investment - seed money. And if you are an individual investor, you are undoubtedly looking to get in on the ground-floor of a new and exciting venture.

isubTECH  works with start-ups in the following market verticals:
  • Internet of Things: Devices and Software 
  • Software Applications (for iOS, Windows, Android)
  • Hardware Devices and Attachments  
  • Biotech
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