CONTROLLER PLATFORM Mitigates Wasted Kilowatt-Hours

Along with the surge in mobile phones, tablets, and computers is the fact that more of these devices are being left plugged into the wall, wasting billions of kilowatt hours per year. A new solution hopes to cut that wasted power to zero, which could save more than 200 million gallons of oil in a year. The energy-efficient platform is designed with a power-management architecture to achieve zero no-load power consumption and dynamic load regulation.

isubTECH prototype development circuit design

Designed in partnership with STMicroelectronics and Flextronics, the highly integrated platform-built on the STCH01  controller -  suits high-power-density smartphone and tablet adapters. The STCH01 embeds a controller and two power  FETS, and is used in conjunction with the STWK01 no-load wake-up controller.

The STCH01 leverages a power conversion topology to maximize efficiency and shrink the size of the power transformer by 30%, compared to previous flyback solutions. Low electromagnetic emissions are further reduced using the lC's intelligent jitter function. It comes equipped with a full set of protections to ensure more reliable designs with minimal external components.

Posted from: Electronic Design Magazine, April 2015 Edition

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